Hey! Howwaya’? Welcome to my bluestingraye.com. I am Blue StingRaye Productions, promoter, booking agent, emcee and Sultana of shimmy-shimmy. Let me hook you up for your next event, party, fundraiser, etc.

For the past several years, concert ticket prices have been on the rise. Last year, the average concert ticket cost $50.35 , a better than 95 percent increase over just seven years ago with the top tours commanding huge prices. We believe that even if a person can’t get out too often, they should always plan to come to Blue StingRaye Production and have fun without having to take out a small loan. Blue StingRaye shows will always be affordable and have great entertainment value to appeal to the common man & woman, living on a budget.

Deborah Noble aka Blue StingRaye Bio

From the very earliest age Deborah has been an avid fan of live music, beginning when she was five years old accompanying her parents to live jazz concert in Hartford’s Bushnell Park where she heard legends like Thelonius Monk and Jackie McLean. By the age of ten Deborah was learning music theory as well as learning to play the clarinet and piano. During her teens years she routinely performed as part of the dance corps in community musical theater productions; Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie and Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat to name a few.

For many years, almost 15 years, her musical abilities lay dormant until 1998 when she met a man living in eastern CT that had a surf band called 9th Wave. She was approached and asked to perform as a go go dancer circa 1960, complete with vintage clothing and what has become her signature, white go go boots. Of course she leapt at the chance (literally) and never looked back. Deborah performed with 9th Wave as “Blue StingRaye” until September 2001 when she decided to also pursue a successful political career.

But not want to leave live music behind; Deborah continued to dance occasionally with another CT surf band, The Clams. She also partnered up with Bobby D. and emceed his first Surf Nites at Jimmies Seaside in Stamford. Coincidentally Sean Kershaw also performed at Bobby D’s first Surf Nite. Deborah has also established her own show and event company, Blue StingRaye Productions. Deborah B. Noble d/b/a Blue StingRaye Productions is a cottage industry-type of business. She has successfully booked and promoted bands from CT, NY, NJ, MA, RI, MI and even Russia in New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts and up and down the Eastern seaboard .

One of her most recent collaboration has been with Sean Kershaw. The two have partnered up to form and manage Cash Davidson Ventures in order to produce and promote the debut CD from Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers titled “Coney Island Cowboy”. The band and Deborah (as tour manager) have just completed a successful southern tour that culminated with an appearance at the infamous Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston-Salem, NC. In July 2009.