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spf4-028This past Wednesday night I did something I rarely do anymore. I went out to a show on a school night! But this was a very special show, SPF-4 and Dai Kaiju at the Iron Horse in Northampton (NoHo as the locals call it). The Iron Horse has doubled in size since it’s beginning, but is quite an intimate venue with tables that press up against a good size stage. Being able to grab a front table makes you almost feel as though you are part of the performance as well, without actually getting in the way.

This was an early show with SPF-4 opening up the night shortly after 7 pm. What can I say about SPF-4 that I haven’t said before? This band is one of the few that has never had a line up change (hope I don’t jinx them) and it shows. They are tight, fun and feed off each others playing with an ease that comes only with time.  The band broke out a couple of tunes I hadn’t hear before like “Dano Island”, a tribute to Dano Clam. “The Bitter End” is a melancholy melody reminiscent of more than one relationship gone bad, but with a really good soundtrack. They closed with “Sea Sick”, very powerful metal surf song which was a good segway to Dai Kaiju. FYI, SPF-4 has a new CD that you should grab PDQ before they are gone and you are SOL.
Dai Kaiju was un-freakin’-believable. They are Kabuki Instro-Metal, a true theatrical performance from beginning to end. The musician get into character and attain an anonymity through the use of masks and face painting. daikaiju-001The guitar player, Secret Asian Man, makes love to the audience with every power chord and thrust of his guitar. The beating of two drummers and the pounding bass line grab your attention in a way the makes you gaze in amazement while being totally blown away by the music. One of the highlights  was “The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls” which starts slow and dreamy, Zappa-like, building to a divine wail and right into the next song. The band closes the show with the same, albiet destructive, power that they open with, drums and notes flying about the stage.

Dai Kaiju  has had a gig almost every month for two months straight. One of the hardest working surf bands, actually any band, on the indie music scene today.

Enjoy the photos and the video by Ted Theodore. A fine new addition to Blues Reviews.

SPF4 Photos
SPF4 – The Bitter End Video
Daikaiju photos
Daikaiju – The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls Video

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