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Hi All,

Last Sunday from 2 – 5 pm family & friends gathered at Babbs Skating Rink and Beach in Suffield, CT to enjoy a afternoon of music from SPF-4 while also supporting the Babbs Skating Renovation Project. If you don’t know about Babbs, that’s okay, here’s a chance to learn:

SPF-4 played on a stage located at the top of a small cliff overlooking Lake Congamond below. As they played the boats gathered at waters edge to enjoy the sounds of surf and reverb. Is been a while since I’ve seen SPF-4 and they were as tight as ever. Behind the band, cars rolled in and locals with lawn chairs came out hear the band and stayed to donate their hard earned money to renovation project. Here are a handful pictures of SPF-4 and Babbs Skating Rink by Ted Theodore:

Here’s where you come in:

The committee overseeing the project would like to continue the music series through October. If you would care to donate your band and your time you will be compensated in beverages and the un-dieing gratitude of an all volunteer staff. The project organizers have begun to get sponsorship from local businesses and hope to be able to pay bands in the future, but for now this is an all volunteer project. If you would like to be part of saving history please contact me and let me know of your availability for a Sunday afternoon gig by the water.

Deb Noble
Blue Stingraye Productions