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Concert Review: The Vivisectors at Otto’s, NYC 3/26/10

“The band loves their dark, menacing chromatic riffs, doing them surf-style along with a couple of rockabillyish numbers, two bouncy go-go tunes and a song that sounded like either Blue Oyster Cult covering Link Wray, or Link Wray attempting a boogie.”

“They did a slow version of Misirlou that was as original – in both senses of the word – as the one that Magges does; their version of Pipeline was amped with a casually ferocious tremolo-picked jam on the second verse. But their originals were the best. Some wouldn’t have been out of place in early Black Sabbath if they’d been slower, others fluctuating eerily between minor and major. The band led by their US booking agent, Deb Noble of Blue Stingraye Productions, and her enthusiasm was contagious: hopefully the band will be back for another tour at some point.”

Go to Lucid Culture for the full review.

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